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We are specialists in handling the challenges and sensitivities posed by differences in language, culture and work practices. Our international coverage includes all the key markets in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our broad sectoral experience in this field is particularly deep in healthcare, financial services and consumer goods.

We offer compelling benefits to clients with multi-country research needs:

  • By project managing all the logistical details of the research in each country, we enable our clients to concentrate on more value-adding activities
  • Our rigorous quality control ensures consistent standards and reliable findings that can safely be compared across markets
  • We provide access to a proven network of highly professional local partners. Our flexible business model enables us to choose the most appropriate service provider in each market, guaranteeing our clients both high quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Our managers have lived and worked in many of the markets we cover. Our clients therefore benefit from a high level of local knowledge and insight in the planning and implementation of their studies