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About Us

Our senior managers are directly involved in every aspect of each assignment, ensuring clients get the full benefit of their deep knowledge and experience.

Our lean structure ensures an agile and responsive service, free of red tape.

Grace Chiu (LinkedIn)

Grace is a professional market researcher and cultural consultant with close to 30 years years of industry experience. In the early 90’s, she was among the country’s first and leading multicultural market researchers in the U.S. to offer in-language research services. A truly global citizen, Grace has lived and worked extensively in Asia and the U.S. Prior to establishing GC GLOBAL Research in 2000, Grace was Research Director at Strategic Marketing Corp. (now a part of GfK), specializing in US and global healthcare and pharmaceutical market research and consulting services.

Grace founded GC GLOBAL Research in 2000, offering dediated in-language, multilingual market research expertise and cultural consulting capablities to clients who recognize the importance of multicultural markets, and who value the nuance that language and culture bring to their data. She offers her clients the unique combination of multilingual/multi-cultural capabilities and a deep know-how in research methodology, moderating and analytical skills. For over 20 years, Grace has worked with clients in leadership roles across a broad range of industries, including healthcare, pharma, GNOs and consumer companies, to help them uncover deep insights and reaching challenging markets and consumers segments.

As a qualitative researcher, Grace has conducted thousands of Asian languages as well as English speaking focus groups, online qualitative and individual in-depth interviews for a broad and diverse range of products and services. With a life science background, Grace is also adept in quantitative methods and statistical analysis, from cross-tabulation analysis to multivariate analysis for segmentation, conjoint, perceptual mapping and other forms of multivariate analysis.

Grace has a dual college degree in Biochemistry and Economics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Lubin School of Business, Pace University, New York. She reads, writes and speaks Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese equally) and English interchangeably. Her diverse cultural background allows her to relate to and connect with the Asian audiences in a culturally and socially meaningful way. As a moderator, she uses her sociable and easy-going communication style to build rapport with her respondents, while remains disciplined in adhering to the timing and objectives of the discussions.

GC GLOBAL offers a cohesive and high-caliber team of multi-lingual researchers, statisticians, quantitative analytical experts and fieldwork supporters across key markets of the country. Together, they have built a strong track record in various industry categories, including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare (therapeutics, pharmaceutical, medical devices, hospital healthcare and medical insurance services)
  • Public health and education issues
  • Senior care, end-of-life issues and Medicare research
  • Low income and Medicaid population research
  • Political and social issues
  • Automobile
  • Cosmetics, skincare and cosmeceuticals
  • Financial services (banking, insurance, money transfer, wealth management)
  • Leisure, gaming and entertainment
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Retail and shopping
  • Telecommunications and technology
  • Technology & Electronics (computing, home appliances, electrical components, suppliers and manufacturers)

Patrick Cahill (LinkedIn)

Patrick brings to clients the benefits of over 20 years of senior management experience in marketing, marketing research and business strategy consulting, in diverse roles both on the client-side and as a service provider.

Since 2003, Patrick has been a managing partner at GC GLOBAL Research, playing a leading role in the management of their multicultural research practice in the US and internationally. He has led numerous qualitative and quantitative studies spanning all aspects of the marketing cycle, including market opportunity assessment, positioning, product design and testing, packaging, brand image, creative concept development and campaign testing studies. His work for a diverse range of clients spans multiple sectors, including:

  • Automobiles
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Financial services (banking, insurance, money transfer)
  • Healthcare(pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hospital services)
  • Leisure, gaming and entertainment
  • Retail and shopping
  • Telecommunications and technology

As a project manager and qualitative moderator, Patrick’s strengths lie in his:

  • Dedication in familiarizing himself with the specific product or service market involved in each project
  • Ability to quickly understand the client’s business and marketing needs and the best way of addressing these through the research design and fieldwork
  • Thorough and empathetic moderating style
  • Objective and analytical mind-set, which adds great value both to the quality of the research fieldwork and the interpretation and reporting of the findings

Prior to joining GC GLOBAL Research, Patrick spent the first 12 years of his career on the “client-side” in marketing management for leading multinationals in the UK, USA and Latin America. During this time he progressed through management positions in all aspects of the marketing mix — sales, promotions, product development, marketing research and brand management — to the level of Head of Marketing.

Patrick later spent 5 years in hands-on business strategy consulting for Arthur Andersen and JMCL Consulting in the UK, helping senior management in a variety of industries identify and implement strategic or operational business improvement initiatives.

Patrick has a BA (Hons) from Oxford University, England, and a Sloan Business Masters degree from the London Business School. He is fluent in Spanish.